We will go anywhere you need us to go, for as long as you need us. You can count on our staff to arrive well prepared, and our skilled baristas to make an unrivalled speciality beverage each and every time.

We can accommodate any size exhibition or conference, from small breakfast meetings to large conferences. We specialise in delivering drinks swiftly in situations where speed is of the essence, yet without sacrificing quality. We can provide coffee bars for any business where you need to draw people to your booth. Because of our adaptability, we can set up a coffee bar in a small location and make a big impression.

We are also able to provide multiple coffee set ups, using our in house bespoke bars or using suitable venue / location furniture.

Each of our coffee services are tailored and priced according to your specific needs. We’ll work with you to provide the best service possible while staying within your budget.

We are currently using Dark Arts and Wogan coffee roasters. If you have a favourite coffee roaster and you would like to use their beans, we will be happy to accommodate.

Yes, we have covered numerous exhibition locations across Europe including: Paris, Frankfurt, Berlin, Köln, Copenhagen, Lisbon and Kuwait to name a few.

Yes, we supply a range of dairy-free – vegan milk, including soy, almond and oat mylk.

Other Mylks can be provided upon request prior to event.

We can provide one of our bespoke self-contained coffee bars for your exhibition stand, or we can collaborate with your stand builder team to integrate a mobile barista service into your exhibit.

Our eco-friendly cups can be customised with your company’s logo to boost brand recognition and impact. We can also supply branded sundries and baked goods, including cookies and sweet treats. 

Stencil branding, apron branding and bar(s) branding are available upon request.

Do you have a theme in mind for your event? Then we’ve got you covered. Our team can work with you, your set builders, or your event crew to ensure that our mobile coffee bars blend in with the rest of the setup and keep the attention on you and your event.

No, we can also provide a range of loose leaf teas, vegan friendly hot chocolate and chilli hot chocolate. We are also happy to offer a full selection of freshly pressed juices or smoothies from our high spec blenders and juicers. We also have lovely Kilner jars that are filled with still spring water for a self service optional extra. For some added zing, we place mint, cucumber and lemon for a fresh flavour.

For added flair, we can also supply extensive cocktail list that includes mocktails.

We would usually require 1.5 hours to set up. This is providing the allocated time agreed for our arrival is met and that the area is ready for us to move our Flightcases and equipment into place with power ready and in place for us to test.

Larger events that require multiple espresso machines and bars will require 1 hour per additional set up.

For our espresso machine to begin serving your visitors, all we require is the venue location, timings, and a standard power supply. We’ll deal with the rest.

Ideally we would set up the day before the first day of service, if this is possible. This allows us to set everything up, test the power supply and equipment, and ensure that we’re ready to go as soon as the doors open.

A single event barista may create around 500 beverages each 8-hour day if there is a continuous flow throughout the service. We can add a second barista if you think your event will require more drinks each day, bringing our total capacity to around 1,000+ beverages. A second barista might be useful for anything above 350 drinks per 8-hour day if you need to satisfy strong demand in a short period of time, such as during conference breaks, or if you just want an extra set of hands for efficiency and added service.

Yes, we have a regular menu, but we can customise it to meet your specific needs. You can indicate any specific beverage requests prior to event commencement. We also brand the menu to further personalise the service for your visitors.

Yes, we can provide a range of sweet treats that we are able to brand. We can also supply an array of different catering services from hot or cold finger food to fine dining.

For indoor events we require standard three pin sockets, the espresso machine will need its own separate socket due to the power output at 3000 watts / 3Kvw during the powering up of the machine.

For larger and outdoor events we would need to discuss further during the planning / preparation period.

No plumbing is required as we use our own water pumps, filtration units and waste water butts.

We do everything in our power to remain eco friendly, from our office based practices, commuting to and from our events to the materials we use for branding and providing the drinks we serve in eco friendly paper cups.

We are constantly monitoring the trends and changes within a fast changing world that we live in.

Whether we are working a one day exhibition or a forty day brand activation, we put in place strict food waste and recyclable waste measures to ensure they are taken to the right place.