coffee for multiple exhibitions

Coffee For Multiple Exhibitions 
& various locations

Newton Europe

June/july/october & november
2015 to date


Simply to serve visiting delegates from local government and NHS backgrounds an awesome cup of coffee.

Our Response

Supporting Newton has been nothing but a pleasure. From the initial contact in 2015 to planning this year’s events in 2020.
We originally worked on a 3 metre x 2 metre stand that was tucked away on the outer rims of the exhibition halls, now they have grown to a whopping 6 metre x 4 metre visual masterpiece and seen in the most prominent positions at each event we attend.

From the very first event we knew that the visitors loved a good quality hot drink and that they were also happy to wait patiently as we often had up to 40 people queuing at any one time and even though other stands had hot drinks available.
We work the events with two baristas, One La Marzocco Linear espresso machine, two coffee grinders, one 20L hot water boiler and two 5L kilner jars for cold liquid refreshment.
Due to the amount of beverages being served, we pre filtered our water and had plenty of water containers ready for the regular replenishing.

The Newton team often run after event drinks to furthermore create an atmosphere and buzz around their stand, our baristas prepare the area after the coffee service and assist with serving glasses of alcohol, topping food bowls, cleaning and generally doing what Henry’s does best. Creating a warm, calm and friendly atmosphere.

We also provide branded cookies to compliment the hot drinks, we provide 600 handmade vegan friendly Anzac and chocolate chip cookies and also supply the eco-friendly branded coffee cups and lids.
Due to the rising amount of beverages being made at our coffee for multiple exhibitions events, this year (2020) it has been decided that an additional barista is to be applied to the service.


“ Henrys is simply awesome and their passion for outstanding coffee is inspiring. Their flexible approach, hardworking mentality and friendly attitude mean I wouldn’t think of looking anywhere else. Lee himself has turned our exhibition stand from seeing a couple of visitors to (at the last event) 1000 over three days. Putting aside the fact he single-handedly served each person, at every event we have received feedback that we serve the best coffee there, despite being one of many stands with a coffee bar.”
– Victoria Watson / Sophie Upcraft

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