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What are craft services?

Differing from catering, craft services are the food, drinks and other refreshments that are provided during film and television productions to the working cast and crew.

At Henry’s Coffee and Events, we operate a mobile craft service to travel on-location to wherever you may need our services, providing a range of delectable treats including: speciality coffee, premium hot chocolate, vegetarian and vegan options, a craft menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner and a variety of fresh juices and smoothies to choose from.

What does ‘craft’ mean?

The term ‘craft services’ emerged from the offering of select services to ‘crafts’, being the departments who work on set. These departments involve those who operate the cameras and sound as well as the hair and makeup crew among others. Those who provide the refreshments within this service are also known as ‘crafties’ and work at the assigned food and drink facilities on set.

Why use a craft service?

It is important that before, during and after filming, the cast and crew have the energy to work optimally and perform at their best. What better to supply that energy than from the range of delicious snacks and beverages provided from a craft service?

Craft services are essential to fuel your creativity and working day on set. At Henry’s Coffee and Events, we consider and use the most sustainable methods and materials to limit our impact on the environment. We provide a variety of delicious food and drink options that will help raise morale amongst the cast and crew.

What is the difference between craft services and catering?

Commonly, craft services can be confused with traditional catering. One difference is that craft services offer buffet-style foods instead of the full meals that catering may provide. Craft services can act as a snack station, suitable for providing a boost of energy in between meals. The budgets regarding craft services can differ depending on the size of the production. 

When deciding whether to choose catering services or craft services for your production, there are a few factors to consider: the size of the set and amount of crew members, the food preference and the amount of space available for food and drink services. Depending on the sizing arrangements and preferences of your production crew, you can decide if craft services may be more suitable for your event.

To encourage a focused working environment, we will adapt to our surroundings to provide optimal services to each of our clients. Our experienced team has an abundance of knowledge to be able to offer both personalised and professional services for any craft services you may require. Visit our website and to discuss an event where you may need craft services, don’t hesitate to contact us

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