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How to plan the perfect Christmas event.

Planning a Christmas event can be a bit scary and nerve wracking. Indeed, people have high expectations and wait for the festive season all year long. But fear not, Henry’s Coffee and Events is here to help! We have put together a few tips to organise the best Christmas party ever.

Choose a the right venue

The location of the Christmas celebration is really important. You need to ensure that it has outstanding facilities, that it is in a premium location, and that it has good transport connections. But that’s not all!

We would advise you to choose a location with charm to leave a long-lasting impact on your guests. You need to select a venue that sparkles in more ways than one, not just with the Christmas lights. Pick a location that is one of a kind, that distinguishes itself from the rest and that will be able to channel the magic and beauty of the Christmas spirit. This could be a striking architectural element, a breathtaking view, or a surprising space.

Start planning early

We would recommend starting planning as far in advance as you possibly can. It will allow you to find the best location, give guests time to make arrangements to attend, find the right decorations and perfect caterer. But more importantly, it will make the process much less nerve wracking and stressful.

Pick a good theme

Giving a theme to your party will give that extra touch of fun. People will love it and it will allow them to immerse themselves in the experience. Plus, it will make your party stand up from the sea of other Christmas parties taking place at the end of the year. Lastly, it will make décor, food, and entertainment selection much easier. 

You could go for a ‘Winter Wonderland’ theme, ’Skiing in the Alps’ theme, ‘Secret Santa’ theme, ‘Grinch’ and more. Just let your imagination run free.

Do not forget about invitations

Keep in mind that most people will probably partake in at least one holiday meal or party during the course of the holiday season. So try to think outside the box and offer them something that they won’t be anticipating or will have not seen before. 

To set the tone for the rest of the event, send out show-stopping invitations that also encourage guests to respond with an RSVP. Buy, DIY or even commission a local artist to create the best invitations for your event.

Treat your guest to great food and drinks

Make a big impression on your guests by providing a variety of snacks and beverages. Depending on the time of day your event will take, you can go for sweet treats and coffee to fine finger foods and cocktails. If you wish to go the extra mile, we would advise you to offer a free drink to all attendants. 

If you’ve decided to have a party with a specific theme, one of the great things about serving cocktails, hot drinks and bespoke treats is that you can easily incorporate them into the theme. You can add a level of elegance and variety that your guests won’t be anticipating by giving them the option to choose between a curated selection of high quality coffees or cocktails.

Many things go into organising the best Christmas event ever. But with organisation and hard work, you will definitely create an unforgettable event. Ensure great catering by surrounding yourself with the best providers and vendors. Get Henry’s Coffee and Events to cater for your event to offer your guests the best coffee, cocktail and treats possible. Get in contact with us now to get started!

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