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Day in the life of an event barista

Hey I’m Ethan, a barista at Henry’s. Ready to find out what a day in the life of a barista is really like? Keep reading and you’ll find the answer!

It’s early morning, just as the sun rises, I roll out of bed to prepare myself for the challenging day ahead. I get ready and rush straight out the door.

Arriving at the Event
After travelling I arrive at the event about an hour early to set up so the coffee machine can also wake up. I pour the heavenly scented beans into the hopper and prepare my equipment to conquer the day.

The first coffee!
Well as you would guess I get the first coffee but it’s also the most important coffee. Not only is it to fuel me but so it will also ensure everything is ready for the first wave of customers. I need to calibrate the grind setting for the shot, the weight of the ground coffee and to time the extraction time. This is so I can make every single coffee the best from the first to the very last.

The organised chaos begins…
As soon as the event opens it’s go time. I put my suit of armour (apron) on and get ready for the first rush. The morning rush is the biggest and busiest part of the event! I like to call it the organised chaos where everyone is dying for their morning coffee.

Expressing myself through coffee.
I love my job. It lets me express myself and have fun while producing such a special drink. Coffee making is an art and something I am super passionate about. Every coffee I make during the events I make the best I can. Just to make someone else’s day with a chat and a beverage is just the greatest feeling.

Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning!
HOWEVER, this part will never be fun! After the first rush,  it goes quieter, it’s time to get the clothes and sprays out. I make sure all surfaces and equipment is clean and presentable. The most annoying thing is the coffee granules. They are everywhere at all times. I even find them in my socks!

The steady wind down.
As the day progresses, the less busy we get which gives me time to have a cheeky break and recharge. Also, more cleaning as I slowly pack away equipment that I can work without. I close one of the group heads one hour before service ends. Being prepared and planning ahead makes the pack easy. As soon as the last coffee is given out and the client Is satisfied, I close the second group head and turn the machine off. I pack and clean everything while waiting for the equipment to be picked up.

The journey home.
I move all the equipment into the pickup van and back to the warehouse where we store it, we go! I then slowly make my way home. I get home and shut down for the night. I recommend being a barista to everyone. It’s a great job where every day is different and you meet new faces every day!