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7 things to consider when planning a brand activation event…

When planning a brand activation event there are lots of different things to think about from themes to the venue to staff and everything in between. To help you navigate the crazy world of brand activation planning, we have put together a list of 7 things for you to consider. 

1. Theme

If you are planning a brand activation event a theme is a great way to tie the whole event together. There are lots of options when it comes to themes from colours to countries. It is best to choose a theme that suits your brand activation or product launch, for example if you are launching a new coconut water brand a tropical theme would work well for your event. Themes can help tie together every aspect of a brand activation event from the venue to the entertainment and the drinks. A theme will also give you a focus concept making the planning process much simpler.

2. Venue

This is perhaps the biggest consideration when planning a brand activation event as the venue will determine what other elements can be included for your event as well as determining the number of guests you can invite. When you are choosing a venue it is important to consider whether you would like your event to be held inside or outside, of course if you are in the UK this will depend on the time of year – you probably won’t want your guests freezing outside in December!

3. Guests

When planning your brand activation you will want to make sure you get the right people there. The guests you are going to invite will have an impact on the event you organise. For example, if you are going to be inviting influencers you will want to create ‘instagrammable’ moments that they can share with their followers, if you are going to be focusing on a more professional audience you may want to create networking areas where they can get to know each other. 

4. Budget

A big consideration when planning an event is the budget, this will have a huge impact on the type of event you can organise. The bigger the budget the more extravagant and creative you can get with your ideas. However, a small budget can still result in an amazing event you will just need to plan carefully and ensure you find reliable cost-effective suppliers. 

5. Entertainment

If you want you event to be memorable then adding some entertainment is the way to go! Whether you opt for classic choices like a DJ and band or go a little more wild with fire breathing and circus acts, entertainment is sure to get your guests talking about your brand. 

6. Food and Drink

Is it even worth hosting an event without incredible food and drink? We might be biased but we think not! Whether you opt for fruity cocktails, champagne, artisan coffee or fresh juices your drink choice should compliment the feel of your event. For example if you are promoting a health product go for smoothies and juices, if you are promoting a rum create a range of cocktails showcasing your rum. 

The same goes for the food for your event, which is why choosing your theme at the start is the best way to ensure consistency in your brand activation event.

7. Staff

When planning a brand activation event it is vital you consider the staff you will require for your event to run smoothly. This may include baristas, waiting staff, front of house staff and events co-ordinators. This is where we can help! We can supply the staff you require for your event leaving you to focus on other aspects of your brand activation. 

Our experienced brand activation and events team can support with every aspect of planning a brand activation event from initial concept all the way through to execution and clean up. Contact us today to find out how we can assist with your brand activation event. 

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