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the best Dairy free milks for your coffee

More and more people are leaving dairy milk behind in favour of dairy-free alternative. You might be thinking “Well why don’t they have their coffee black then?”. Well that would mean missing out on some absolutely delicious drinks and flavour combinations, wouldn’t it? At Henry’s Coffee we love coffee in all of its forms, that’s why we love plant-based milks! And it seems like the British people agreed with us. Indeed, according to the Vegan Society, plant milk is big business in the UK, with a market worth £320.6 million in 2019. It makes about 15% of the whole European market. According to the Vegan Society still, the value of the plant-based milk market is expected to have more than doubled by 2025, hitting £705.3 millions.

What is it about milk that is so important?

Traditionally, protein molecules make up the vast majority of the milk we consume. Even though the amount of proteins in the milk varies depending on the variety, when heated they ‘melt’, trapping the air and causing it to ‘stretch’ until it becomes a foam.

Coffee experts and plant-based milk makers are constantly experimenting in order to get the perfect cup. If you’re a coffee connoisseur, chances are have already experimented with dairy-free milk. If you are a seasoned vegan or suffer from dairy allergy, you probably already have definite preferences. In any case, we’re confident you’ll love our favourite plant milks as much as we do.

So which plant-based milks are our favourites?


coconut milk

If you are looking for richness, smoothness and a naturally sweet and nutty milk, coconut is what you need. Coconut milk is quite dense and creamy making it is a good candidate for making foam and froth. Another good point is that it is rich in healthy fats, vitamins C, B1 and B6.

The flavour of coconut is quite distinctive and prominent. Some will love it in coffee some won’t. You could argue that it distracts from the flavours of the coffee, we think it depends on the type of coffee being served. Something is for sure, it boosts flavour by providing an exotic-like experience without the need of artificial flavourings or sweeteners. 


coffee for events

Almond milk is a quite popular option. You can pick between sweetened and unsweetened.

Almond milk is obtained by simply blending almonds and water together and then filtering the mix. It has a lovely nutty flavour with a roasted light bitter aftertaste. Which is why some people prefer the sweetened form of almond milk for their everyday consumption. Almond milk is naturally abundant in many vitamins and minerals and is low in fat and sugar (the unsweetened version of course).

If you want to add a layer of flavour to your coffee, almond milk is the way to go. However, keep in mind that it is a rather watery plant-milk.


soy milk

Soy milk is a great source of protein and has a super creamy and smooth texture. It is a very popular option because of its richness and mild flavour.

Soy milk finds it origins in China where is has been consumed since at least AD25. It became really popular in the wester world in the later half of the 20th century.

Soy milk has a long and illustrious history as one of the most popular dairy-free milk alternatives. The majority of coffee businesses will be well-versed in it, including us! There are several significant selling features for this product, including its accessibility and affordability, as well as its high protein content.

Although the flavour is subtle, the aroma is pleasant. This is an advantage for baristas because they know it will not affect the flavour of the coffee they are serving.

In addition to having similar protein levels to dairy milk and performing similarly when heated, soy milk is a popular substitute to dairy milk because it is easy to reproduce the silky frothy textures of dairy milk. However, it may curdle as a reaction to the acidity or warmth of the coffee, so be careful when using at home, we recommend popping to your favourite barista or coffee shop!

oat milk

coffee for events

Last but not least, oat milk, our absolute favourite! 

Oat milk is made by soaking the oats in water for several hours, then blend and filter the mix. 

The finished result is naturally sweet, smooth, thick, rich and creamy. Oat milk has a number of healthy components, including the fact that it has no saturated fat and is high in protein and fibre. Oats also include beta-glucans, which are beneficial to heart health by decreasing cholesterol and lowering blood pressure. One serving will also provide you with 10% of your necessary daily iron intake. 

It cooks evenly and does not curdle, making it an excellent choice for cooking and hot drinks.

As was to be expected, oat milk has a distinct wheaty and nutty flavour to it. Its malty undertones will ravish coffee lovers. Oat milk is most definitely dairy milk’s most formidable competitor.

It does stretch well and produces a wonderful froth, but it does have the potential to split, as do many other plant-based milks.

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