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Summer Coffee Trends

Greetings, all coffee connoisseurs! Summer is finally here, and it is time to dive into the hottest summer coffee trends of 2023. Get ready to sip, savour, and celebrate the quirkiest, coolest, and most unexpected coffee creations that will leave you feeling as refreshed as a splash in the ocean! Explore some of the latest coffee trends to help you beat the heat this summer. 

Cold Brew Lemonade

If your looking for a refreshing pick-me-up this summer, the cold brew lemonade may be the perfect drink for you! Cold brew coffee has easily become one of the most refreshing. However, this drink combines the rich, smooth flavour of cold brew coffee with the tangy, sweet but refreshing flavours of lemonade. While this isn’t a common combination mixing the natural sweetness of cold brew coffee with the acidity of lemonade, somehow it complements each other perfectly. 

Nitro Cold Brew Float

The nitro cold brew float is another refreshing coffee to add to your list this summer! Considering the nitro cold brew has become quite popular throughout 2022, why not try to add a creative twist to the drink with a scoop of your favourite ice cream or gelato? Making it refreshing yet indulgent, this delightful creamy creation can help satisfy your sweet tooth on a hot summer day!

Coffee Tonic

This drink is a step up from the classic Americano! You may be wondering how coffee and tonic pair well together but the two seem to balance each other out. The bitterness from the espresso and the subtle sweetness of the tonic water makes for a unique but pleasant combination of flavours. Making it the perfect drink to take your tastebuds on an invigorating coffee adventure.

Iced Dirty Chai Latte

Calling all Chai lovers! While the iced latte is the classic go-to iced drink, combining any chai concentrate with a shot of espresso and your favourite milk makes this iced drink soothing and refreshing. The dirty chai latte contains the perfect blend of spices and coffee. So, if you are looking for something bursting with flavour this could be the perfect drink for you!

Iced Coconut Latte

If your go-to is the classic iced latte, try opting for coconut milk instead of your usual milk! This could make for the perfect summer beverage. Combining creamy coconut milk and rich espresso delivers a smooth and invigorating experience. With the subtle sweetness of coconut and the icy coolness, your thirst will be quenched. The iced coconut latte embodies the essence of summer bliss!


Who doesn’t love a frappuccino? It is the perfect blend of ice, coffee, milk, and sweeteners to create a harmonious combination that satisfies both your caffeine and sweetness cravings. It is definitely the perfect drink to enjoy by the pool or during a stroll for a much-needed break from the heat this summer! 

Espresso Martini

Fancy a cocktail but need a caffeine kick? The espresso martini is one of the hottest coffee trends this summer! This beverage combines the boldness of espresso with the sophistication of a classic martini. You will be provided with a unique experience that offers a perfect balance of bitter and sweet flavours, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a luxurious and refreshing coffee-based cocktail during the summer months.

As Summer 2023 comes closer, several delicious and refreshing coffee beverages await! Whether you decide to go for an iced coconut latte for a tropical touch or want to indulge in the nitro cold brew float, this season offers a multitude of delightful choices. 

Take your taste buds on an adventure this summer and try some of the hottest summer coffee trends!