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A Christmas gift guide for coffee lovers

For all the coffee lovers out there, do you fancy treating your friend to a cosy coffee shop experience with a special caffeine-fueled present, Christmas related? To assist, we have compiled a Christmas gift guide to help you give something powerful enough to fuel their day.

Festive espresso mug– Something simple to hold the perfect brew at Christmas time. Ideal for a crisp, Christmas Day morning while everyone opens their gifts.

Coffee Plant– Looking for something a little quirky to give? A coffee plant is that perfect gift, allowing the owner to grow their own coffee beans and create their own personalised brew. As an extra, you can find a festive plant pot to house it for the winter season.

Coffee Subscription– An investment to supply your friend or family’s morning brew for a selected period of time. Regular deliveries of coffee samples, guaranteed to impress that coffee lover you know.

Collapsible Coffee Cup– A gift that your coffee lover will take with them everywhere since it is reusable and compact. Useful in an office setting, out and about or at a cafe, and has versatility to contain other hot beverages.

Coffee Machine– For those who have a larger budget, a coffee machine can be a particularly desirable present. For a professional quality coffee at home, your coffee lover will not want to return to a cafe. To start them off, why not add a few coffee pods to the gift bag so they can try it out on Christmas morning.

Coffee Candle– Do you want to transform their home into a cosy cafe? A coffee candle will release key notes of warmth and spices on a bitter and icy day. For Christmas, opt for a coffee candle also with notes of pinewood, cedarwood and vanilla to enhance the festive atmosphere.

Coffee Hamper– A full basket or bag containing everything you coffee lover will need over the Christmas period. You can be creative with this gift by choosing the container for your aromatic coffee gifts, and choosing the extras to include. Common hamper fillings involve coffee samples with varying intensities, syrups or additions, a mug or fancy glass to drink from, special snacks or a small gift card. To add to the gift’s festivity, you can add a few candy canes or chocolates to the basket.

Frame a Coffee Wheel– A coffee wheel is a decorative poster of ideal flavour combinations, detailing all the aromas and notes involved within the different categories of coffee. This is a perfect gift for those who are as particular about their coffee as they are with their wine. It will be sure to interest and inform coffee lovers about the best flavour pairings and contrasting coffee tastes. You can add a touch of creativity to this gift by choosing a special picture frame that will best suit your person and their personal style.

If your friend or family member loves coffee, this list of potential gifts are sure to pique interest. Whatever budget you are willing to spend, there is a gift perfect to treat your coffee lover at Christmas time.

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