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6 best baristas to follow on instagram 

In the world of coffee, baristas are the artists who transform simple beans into stunning cups of art. With their passion, skill, and creativity, they craft beverages that taste as good as they look. If you’re a coffee enthusiast looking for daily doses of inspiration, Instagram is the perfect platform to connect with these talented baristas. Here are six of the best baristas to follow on Instagram for a journey through the world of coffee excellence.


Known for: Elegant Latte Art

Junichi Yamaguchi is a talented Japanese barista who was named Champion of the Coffee Fest Latte Art World Championship in 2014. His feed is highly curated to create a delicate and stylish atmosphere only Japan can bring. Junichi posts the most stunning and intricate latte art designs as well as mouthwatering baked treats he comes across in his travels. His feed is a gallery of stunning latte art that ranges from delicate and intricate heart designs to simple iced coffee. Each post is a masterpiece, showcasing the beauty of coffee, nature and food in their simplest form.


Known for: Coffee education

Coffee Sesh operates as an educational platform, providing valuable insights into coffee and barista skills suitable for both novices and experts. However, their Instagram presence offers a diverse range of content.

Their Instagram account includes informative posts that redirect followers to their instructive articles, amusing coffee-related memes and cartoons, and captivating photographs of flawlessly crafted lattes that might make you wish you had a cup in hand. Among the most engaging posts are those that celebrate the imaginative and skilful latte art creations from various corners of the globe.


Known for: Coffee & Fashion

This one is for the fashionistas! You might think combining coffee and fashion is an odd choice, but when the hashtag #coffeenclothes started trending back in 2014, founder Ryan Glick saw an opportunity.

The idea behind Coffee n’ Clothes is pretty simple – people love coffee, and people love fashion. That’s why this brand has been such a hit. On their Instagram page, you’ll discover a fascinating mix of fashion-forward individuals sipping on fancy coffee, lattes decked out with designer logos and clever and funny cartoons. It’s a unique blend that keeps things interesting and keeps you coming back for more surprises.



Known for: Coffee & Aesthetic

Picture this: elegant and timeless coffee photos, each set against a backdrop of vibrant flowers and blooms that perfectly capture the spirit of the season. It’s like taking a visual journey through the year, with each cup of coffee telling a story.

In the vast world of Instagram, where eye-catching images are a dime a dozen, Coffee and Seasons shines as a true gem. If you’re a coffee lover or someone who appreciates the beauty of the seasons, this account is a must-follow. It’s not just about coffee; it’s a heartfelt celebration of nature’s beauty intertwined with the simple joy of sipping a cup of joe. Trust me; it’s one of the best coffee accounts you’ll find on Instagram.


Known for: Science-fictionesque coffee

This Instagram page is a treasure trove of unique coffee gadgets that you can see in action or even purchase for yourself. It’s not just a display – they go the extra mile by showing you how to use each piece of equipment through photos and videos.

When they talk about “alternative brewing,” they mean business. They’ve got some seriously cool stuff like the Floating V60 drip kettle, which feels like making coffee in midair, and the intriguing Tiamo Cold Drip Tower. While their main focus is on coffee gear, they also dabble in selling high-quality coffee beans.

Once you start browsing through their enchanting products, be prepared to feel the shopping itch. It’s hard not to be tempted to grab your credit card and treat yourself to some top-notch coffee gear or beans that can level up your coffee game.


Known for: Funny skits and impeccable style

Morgan Eckroth is a rising star on social media, making a name for themselves on both YouTube and TikTok. They’re like your friendly neighbourhood barista on the internet, and once you dive into their hilarious snapshots of life behind the coffee bar, you’ll totally get why they’ve become such a hit.

With the title of US Barista Champion under their belt, Morgan goes by the name @morgandrinkscoffee and has amassed an impressive following of over 7 million fans. People just can’t get enough of their relatable posts and the jaw-dropping coffee art they create. It’s safe to say that Morgan’s online presence is something special.

In the world of coffee, baristas are the unsung heroes who bring innovation and beauty to every cup. Sadly, we could not list all the wonderful baristas on the app. But hopefully, the Instagram accounts we just introduced you to will offer you a look into the coffee side of Instagram. Whether you’re a coffee aficionado or a curious learner, following these baristas will undoubtedly enrich your coffee experience. Prepare to be inspired, educated, and delighted as you embark on a journey through the captivating world of coffee on Instagram! 

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