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Why should I hire a mobile coffee bar for my event?

In recent years, mobile coffee bars have become a popular feature of successful events, exhibitions, and even weddings. Hiring a mobile coffee bar not only makes your business stand out, but it brings many other benefits too and we are here to tell you all about them.

One of the significant benefits of hiring a mobile coffee bar is convenience. The coffee bar comes to you, and you don’t have to worry about setting up or cleaning up. The mobile coffee bar is self-contained, with everything needed to serve coffee, including water, coffee beans, milk, cups, and other essential equipment.

Having a mobile coffee bar saves everyone time. Neither you nor your guests will have to go through the hassle of leaving your event, looking for a place to grab some good coffee. 

No matter where you are, what kind of event you are hosting, or for how long you need your coffee services, mobile coffee bars give you the perfect solution to many typical big event issues.

Mobile coffee bars offer a range of coffee options and a diversity of menu choices that best suit your event’s needs. Guests can choose from a variety of milk preferences, flavours, and add-ons such as syrups, whipped cream, and chocolate. This customisation helps to cater to individual preferences, making the coffee experience more enjoyable. 

The extensive variety in food and drinks available are part of the customised experience that Henry’s looks to provide to customers, which is why you can also complement your drinks menu by adding juices and smoothies to the list! With our mobile juice bar, your guests will be fully energised at all of your events, whether they need an extra shot of nutrition or a surge of energy. We make our fruit-filled juices and smoothies on-site using fresh ingredients to offer a nutritious and energising replacement or addition to coffee.

And if you’re looking for something stronger, then Henry’s cocktails and catering services are the solution! Our highly-trained bartenders will blow your mind with their amazing cocktails and drink assortment. Try adding some canapes to make the most out of your corporate event, ball, wedding, or party you’re throwing! We provide packages that are completely customised to dietary needs and tastes, ranging between a spread of delicious flaky pastries, street food, vegan or even fine dining.

Mobile coffee bars are staffed by professional baristas who are trained to make high-quality coffee. They understand the science behind making coffee, including the perfect grind, the right water temperature, and the correct amount of milk. Professional baristas are passionate about their craft and will go the extra mile to ensure that guests receive the best coffee experience possible.

With the help of the high-spec coffee machines housed in the coffee vans and the professionals, you can expect a wide range of coffee beverages: from lattes to cappuccinos to cold brews. This level of professionalism can impress clients or guests at your event and enhance the overall experience.

Mobile coffee bars can be branded with your company’s logo or event theme, and if you want to go the extra mile, you can even get your cups and napkins branded as well! This branding strategy creates an experience that will be hard to forget and reinforces your brand image. The mobile coffee bar can also be used as a marketing tool, as guests are likely to take pictures or videos and share them on social media, increasing brand visibility. 

If you’re in need of a complete branding experience, Henry’s got you covered! Our brand activation service covers everything in relation to your event strategy, concept creation, production, asset builds, logistics and reporting. This way, you won’t have to worry about anything, as we constantly strive to put creative ideas into action that produce real outcomes and a return on your investment. 

Additionally, we can set up marquees and provide gazebos that may be completely customised with branding, that will take your event to the next level! With our full event logistics service, we can set up portable meeting spaces and advertising platforms for you. 

A mobile coffee bar provides a unique experience for guests. Aside from providing a change of scenery, moving your event outside will enhance networking opportunities and entertainment for attendees. The bar is set up to resemble a coffee shop, complete with a barista and a range of coffee-making equipment, and this experience creates a relaxed and social atmosphere, where guests can mingle and enjoy a cup of coffee together. 

Many mobile coffee bars use sustainable and eco-friendly practices, such as compostable cups and fair-trade coffee. At Henry’s, we’re always seeking to keep our environmental impact to a minimum. That’s why we offer a wide catalogue of event assets and suppliers that are either made of plant-based materials or that can be recycled. Opting for more sustainable options will not only help minimise your carbon footprint, but can also attract guests or employees who are environmentally conscious and can help promote a positive image for your brand.

In conclusion, hiring a mobile coffee bar for your event can provide a range of benefits, including convenience, customisation, professionalism, a unique experience, and branding opportunities. Mobile coffee bars are a trendy and innovative way to offer high-quality coffee to guests and create a memorable event experience.

Here at Henry’s, we make every effort to exceed expectations, without exception. Check our different services and contact us and make your event a memorable experience!