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Coffee For The Office
Coffee For The Office

In the last 10 years we have seen an explosion of coffee shops propping up high streets, setting up near office blocks and seeing a constant stream of office workers clutching a latte.

We are frequently being asked to provide an in-house coffee service as a sign of good will and appreciation to staff for all their hard work and commitment.

Coffee has long been a staple in the work environment and has fuelled many of us through long days in the office.
We have found that the work place is seeing a trend in providing a much higher quality staff rest area and with that providing an espresso machine service for the staff to enjoy, save money and most importantly creating a happy office environment. Instant coffee and bean to cup machines just don’t cut it and a personalised barista service shows that you care about your workforce.

Our mobile coffee bars are all handmade and fit in to all surroundings. Work perks are welcomed by all employees and have been shown to improve productivity levels as well as mood and energy levels. By having an in house espresso machine and barista service you are keeping the staff members happy and showing them their true value to your brand. We can offer a subsidised menu, pay as you go, contract or a full free menu choice courtesy of your company.


We can offer our bespoke coffee bars to work from foyers, outside entrances, kitchens, rest areas or anywhere suitable that can accommodate our espresso machine equipment.

Having such a service for your staff at the work place will help save valuable working time by reducing the walk to the coffee shop. Instead they can remain at the office and have a well made beverage. It is a fantastic way to reward your team, showing them, that they are your most valued commodity.

If you are unable to house an espresso bar service we could place our coffee van or Piaggio cart outside your building. Let us know your requirements and we will work with you to create a coffee service that suites your budgets.
We can also work with you on providing a selection of snacks and baked goods as well as full in house catering for breakfast, lunches, meeting room snacks and in house events. We can also provide refreshments for team building events or those days away from the office.


Coffee For The Office

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