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Coffee For Social Events
Coffee For Social Events

Over the years, we have provided coffee for social events, including county shows, sporting events, VIP areas at music festivals, weddings and other family celebrations.

These types of events can last from a few hours, a whole day or even a week. People are expecting more and more when attending social events with ‘The Experience’ being high on the priority list for many event holders with many breaking down the boundaries creating taste explosions, visual delights, culinary… For them to go home with a lifetime of memories.

Knee deep in muddy fields, glamping in the hills and private festivals for the discerning guests. Our coffee for social events services are here for all your needs. Big, small, bespoke, were available for all sized events. Providing an espresso machine, a full pop up, marquee with seating or just the staff to turn up. We can help with all of it. We offer bespoke packages to suit all occasions and are happy to cater for your private event to give it that extra buzz. Choose between an indoor and/or outdoor stand.

Bringing people together in celebration is always an exciting time but trying to please everyone can be difficult.

Tell us what you would like to provide and let us make it happen for you.


– High quality beverages used at all times and use all leading brand alcoholic drinks
– Ethically sourced & sustainable products throughout
– Providing a service to match your brand
– Offering the wow factor to your social event
– Professional, friendly and well-groomed staff with personality
– Optional branding available for all elements of your event


Coffee For Social Events

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