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Coffee For Social Events
Coffee For Social Events

If you are looking for something a little special for your social event then Henry’s has you covered!

Over the years we have provided coffee for social events including county shows, sporting events, VIP areas at music festivals, weddings and other family celebrations.

Whether your event lasts a few hours, a day or even weeks, people now expect more when attending social events. Creating memorable experiences is high on the list of priorities for event holders. Many take time creating taste explosions, visual delights and culinary deliciousness that result in guests taking home a lifetime of memories.

What coffee for social events services do you provide?

We provide a whole host of coffee for social event options including:

  • Artisan coffee served from a high-quality coffee machine by an expert barista
  • A selection of loose-leaf teas
  • Vegan friendly hot chocolate
  • Our famous Chilli hot chocolate 
  • Freshly pressed juices
  • Healthy refreshing smoothies
  • Cocktails
  • Delicious sweet treats and sundries

What social events can you provide services for?

From small indoor social gatherings to large scale outdoor festivals, we are here for all your social event services needs. We can help with every aspect from providing the coffee, set up, staff, marquees and more. We offer bespoke packages to suit all occasions and are happy to cater for your private event to take it to the next level.

How much notice do you need to plan and execute a social event?

As with all social events, the more notice we have the better! A good amount of notice gives us more time to prepare and plan your event. However, we know sometimes things don’t always go to plan so we are able to provide coffee for social event services at short notice. Our team can support with planning, event management, staffing and much more. 

If you would like to discuss a social event, please contact our team who will be happy to advise on timescales for your event as well as providing you with further information about the coffee for social event services we offer.


    Coffee For Social Events

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    Social events FAQs

    Can I add branding to your coffee bar for my social event?2022-07-27T14:33:26+00:00

    Branding can be added to the coffee bar for an additional fee, to discuss adding branding to the coffee bar and your event, please contact us.

    Can you offer more than coffee at my social event?2022-07-27T14:33:05+00:00

    Yes! As well as coffee we offer juices, smoothies, cocktails, sweet treats and more! For a full list of the food and drink we can provide for your social event, please contact our team.

    Can you provide barista services for smaller social events?2022-07-27T14:32:03+00:00

    Yes, we can provide barista services for smaller events, however this will depend on the event so please contact us to find out more about our services.

    How much time do you need to set up at my social event?2022-07-27T14:31:35+00:00

    Every event is different; however, we aim to be as efficient as possible. Set up normally takes between 1.5 – 2 hours.

    What type of social events will you attend?2022-07-27T14:31:14+00:00

    We will attend all social events including community days and private events. There are very few events we would not attend so if you would like to find out more, please get in touch and our team will be happy to help.

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