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Coffee For Exhibitions Essex

Cocktails And Catering Service

When organising an Essex exhibition, various aspects demand careful consideration, encompassing branding and the selection of refreshment suppliers. This is where Henry’s Coffee and Events comes into play. Our range of services is tailored to support you in ensuring a smooth and successful execution of your Essex exhibition. We have gathered all the vital details for your convenience.

What Essex exhibition experience do you have?

In the past, we have provided coffee services for a wide array of exhibitions in Essex, covering a diverse spectrum of industries. Our extensive exhibition portfolio encompasses everything from intimate expos to large-scale exhibitions and conferences held at prestigious venues. Regardless of the size of your event, there’s a good chance we’ve catered to a similar occasion in the past! Leveraging our wealth of experience, our clients can benefit from our expertise to ensure their exhibition or booth leaves a lasting impression.

How much notice do you need to plan and execute coffee for an exhibition in Essex?

As with any event, the sooner we receive notice, the more effectively we can prepare and coordinate for your Essex exhibition. Nevertheless, we recognise that plans may not always unfold as anticipated, so we are well-prepared to deliver coffee services for Essex exhibitions even on short notice. Our team is poised to assist with the planning, coordination, staffing, and more. If you wish to explore your exhibition or booth requirements, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. They are eager to provide guidance regarding timelines and offer additional insights into our exhibition coffee services.

What coffee services do you offer for exhibitions in Essex?

We offer a variety of coffee-related services to enhance your Essex exhibition experience. Below, you will find a selection of the services we provide:

  • Artisan coffee for exhibitions and exhibition stands
  • High-quality hot chocolate
  • Vegan-friendly options
  • Branded sweet treats
  • Branded cups, aprons and merchandise 
  • Baristas and bartenders

Our main objective is to streamline the exhibition hosting process for you. Our seasoned team is fully prepared to handle all facets of the day, enabling you to focus on your attendees and fully enjoy the event!

Can you help make my exhibition more sustainable?

We are dedicated to environmental sustainability and are committed to minimising our global footprint. We actively engage in the reuse of assets from previous exhibitions and collaborate with our eco-conscious network of suppliers to advance sustainability in our events. If you’d like to explore how we can help make your exhibition more environmentally friendly, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

For further details regarding our coffee services for Essex exhibitions, feel free to reach out to us. You can reach us by phone, email, or by filling out the contact form on our website to learn more.

Cocktails And Catering Service

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coffee for Exhibitions FAQs

Can we choose the menu?2022-07-27T14:43:00+00:00

 It is your event so it is only right your choose the menu! We will always provide recommendations of what we think should be on the menu and are happy to add the items you would like to see.

Can you provide food at my exhibition/conference?2022-07-27T14:42:35+00:00

If you would like sweet treats, breakfast items or lunch to also be served we can provide these as additional services. To find out more about the food options we offer, please contact our team.

How much time do you need to set up at the exhibition/conference?2022-07-27T14:41:55+00:00

We aim for around an hour minimum but sometimes an extra 30 mins to make sure we are set up perfectly.

Can I add branding to the coffee bar at my event?2022-07-27T14:41:30+00:00

Of course! We understand how important it is to showcase your brand at events which is why we offer the option of adding branding. If you would like your logo or other branding added to the coffee bar, please let us know and provide us with the art work so we can get everything ready for your exhibition or conference. 

Can you serve at a multi-day event?2022-07-27T14:40:49+00:00

We can serve at multi-day events and have done this for multiple clients in the past. Whether you need us for 1 day or 1 week our team will be able to help.

Do you work abroad?2022-02-10T15:08:02+00:00

Yes, we have covered numerous exhibition locations across Europe including: Paris, Frankfurt, Berlin, Köln, Copenhagen, Lisbon and Kuwait to name a few.

What types of exhibitions/conferences do you supply coffee for?2022-02-10T10:45:23+00:00

We can accommodate any size exhibition or conference, from small breakfast meetings to large conferences. We specialise in delivering drinks swiftly in situations where speed is of the essence, yet without sacrificing quality. We can provide coffee bars for any business where you need to draw people to your booth. Because of our adaptability, we can set up a coffee bar in a small location and make a big impression.

We are also able to provide multiple coffee set ups, using our in house bespoke bars or using suitable venue / location furniture.

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