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Coffee For Exhibitions And Conferences
Coffee For Events

Planning an exhibition or conference can be stressful, so let us take the pressure off you and make your exhibition or conference one to remember.

In recent years, it has become more important than ever to create memorable experiences at exhibitions and conferences. Companies are getting more creative and finding new ways to share brand messages, products, and services.

Our coffee for exhibition services are sure to make visitors feel welcomed once they are enwrapped in a cup of our artisan flavour filled coffee that will leave them full of warmth and delight.

What coffee for exhibition services do you offer?

Our high quality, artisan coffee with its rich aroma is sure to attract anybody’s attention! We have carefully selected a delicious single origin coffee bean to ensure the perfect cup every time. Having a coffee station and experienced barista at your stand offering refreshments to delegates provides a great opportunity to network and pass on vital information.

We also understand that not everyone is as big a coffee fan as we are, that’s why we also offer a range of other beverages. You can also select to have us serve a selection of loose-leaf teas, vegan friendly hot chocolate, chilli hot chocolate, freshly pressed juices, and smoothies. To find out more about our juice and smoothie packages, visit our juice page.

Can you provide food at my stand?

Alongside our range of beverage options, we can also offer branded sweet treats such as cookies and cupcakes as well as other sundries. If you have other food or sweet treats in mind for your stand, please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss options.

How can a coffee station be integrated into my stand?

We can either supply one of our bespoke self-contained coffee bars for your exhibition stand or we can work alongside your stand builder team to integrate a mobile barista station with your exhibition stand.

Can cups and aprons be branded?

Yes! We understand at an exhibition or conference that you want to get your brand noticed. That is why we are happy to brand cups, aprons and merchandise with your company logo or campaign messages. We can also add branding to our coffee stations to add extra impact. To find out more about the branding options we have available please contact us.

Can you help make my exhibition more sustainable?

We care about the environment, and we will always do what we can to make our actions have as little of an impact on the world as possible, no matter what. Wherever possible we will reuse assets from previous exhibitions and utilise our list of suppliers to ensure we can make events as sustainable as possible. We also use eco-friendly cups and lids to minimise our impact on the environment. You can get in touch with us to get more information and find out how we can help make your exhibition greener.

We are here to make hosting your exhibition easier for you and our expert team can handle every aspect of the day, leaving you to focus on your guests and enjoying yourself! If you would like to find out more about our coffee for exhibitions and conferences services, then please give us a call, send us an email or complete the contact form on our website.


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    Can we choose the menu?2022-07-27T14:43:00+00:00

     It is your event so it is only right your choose the menu! We will always provide recommendations of what we think should be on the menu and are happy to add the items you would like to see.

    Can you provide food at my exhibition/conference?2022-07-27T14:42:35+00:00

    If you would like sweet treats, breakfast items or lunch to also be served we can provide these as additional services. To find out more about the food options we offer, please contact our team.

    How much time do you need to set up at the exhibition/conference?2022-07-27T14:41:55+00:00

    We aim for around an hour minimum but sometimes an extra 30 mins to make sure we are set up perfectly.

    Can I add branding to the coffee bar at my event?2022-07-27T14:41:30+00:00

    Of course! We understand how important it is to showcase your brand at events which is why we offer the option of adding branding. If you would like your logo or other branding added to the coffee bar, please let us know and provide us with the art work so we can get everything ready for your exhibition or conference. 

    Can you serve at a multi-day event?2022-07-27T14:40:49+00:00

    We can serve at multi-day events and have done this for multiple clients in the past. Whether you need us for 1 day or 1 week our team will be able to help.


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