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Henry’s Coffee for Events.

Organising a nation wide or international tour can be a stressful process with so many different elements to coordinate. At Henry’s Coffee and Events we offer professional, high quality and sustainable coffee and catering solutions. 

What tour experience do you have?

We have worked with some of the world’s biggest brands as well as large number of small businesses. Recently we have worked with household names such as Spotify, Amazon and Netflix. All three companies tasked us with providing a coffee, hot chocolate and snacks to create a buzz around their upcoming launches and events. These tours along with our work with smaller businesses have taken us the length and breadth of the UK from Liverpool to London and everywhere in between. Since our establishment in 2010, we have built a wealth of tour experience and utilise our expertise to help our client’s plan and execute unforgettable events.

How much notice do you need to plan and execute a tour?

The simple answer is the more notice you can give us the better! The more notice we have, the more time we have to plan and organise the logistics of your tour, although we have arranged tours at very short notice as we understand sometimes things don’t quite go to plan. If you would like to discuss your tour, please contact our team who will be happy to advise on timescales as well as the coffee catering services we can provide for your tour.

What coffee catering services do you offer for tours?

We offer a range of coffee catering services that can make your tour one to remember, here are a few of the services we offer:

  • Artisan coffee
  • High quality hot chocolate
  • Vegan friendly options
  • Branded sweet treats
  • Branded cups, aprons and merchandise 
  • Specialist vehicles to suit your tour e.g. a postal truck
  • Event planning and management including logistics

We are here to make hosting a tour easier for you and our expert team can handle every aspect of the day, leaving you to focus on the important things and enjoy yourself!

Where around the world have you toured?

Our tours have taken us across the UK and around the world. From travelling to different universities around England to events in Spain and further afield. If you tour requires a trip abroad or somewhere exotic our team will be happy to discuss what arrangements will need to be made and how we can help.

Can you help make my tour more sustainable?

We care about the environment, and we will always do what we can to make our actions as little of an impact on the world as possible, no matter what.

Every brand experience doesn’t need to be made up from scratch. Our list of event assets and suppliers can be used to help you get access to events and merchandise at a lower price.

This will not only make your money go further, but it will also keep the environmental impact of your activation as low as possible.

You can get in touch with us to get more information and find out how we can help make your event more green.


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