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The importance of coffee machine maintenance

If you love coffee (you most likely do since you are reading one of our blog articles), you probably own a coffee machine. Indeed, going to a coffee shop can be fun and a great way to discover new tastes but if you are a true coffee lover, making your own coffee is a special treat.  And no matter the machine you have, with the right technique and products, you can easily make delicious coffee. But one thing that all machines have in common, from budget options to top tier quality machinery, is that they all need proper care and maintenance.

We know, you probably do not want to add anything to your already gigantic task list. But coffee machine maintenance is extremely important if you want to make good coffee and keep your machine in good shape for longer. In this article, we will detail why coffee machine maintenance is critical and why you should add it to your routine.

General health and hygiene
First and foremost, maintaining a high level of cleanliness in your coffee maker is critical for the preservation of your personal general health and safety.

Coffee machine ownership sometimes entails neglecting daily and deep cleanings. Indeed, you get busy, make a coffee and fly out the door. But ask yourself, when was the last time you cleaned your coffee machine? Cleaning is an aspect of coffee machine ownership that cannot be neglected as a dirty machine can put you and your family at risk. Indeed, a dirty machine can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mould. A machine that is not taken care of properly can also present electrical risks if not stored properly.

So, if you only remember one thing from this article, it should be that cleaning your coffee machine is paramount to your health and safety.

Preserving taste
A clean machine is one of the many requirements for producing coffee with great flavour. Coffee that tastes bitter is frequently mistakenly attributed to the coffee bean or the barista.

This is not what you want to hear, you proud barista! Additionally, you don’t want your coffee to be branded as bitter all because of a dirty diffuser, sadly it is frequently the cause of the bitterness.

Diffusers frequently build up old, burnt-on coffee, which alters the flavour of the coffee throughout the brewing process and causes it to taste sour, bitter, or metallic. Instead of allowing dirt and grime to accumulate on your coffee maker, give it a surface clean after each use to control the build-up and give it a deep clean regularly (how regularly will depend on the usage you make of the machine).

Extending your machine’s lifespan
Although it won’t last forever, regular servicing and maintenance will help your coffee maker last longer. By adhering to a regular coffee machine maintenance schedule, you may avoid dirt and grime prematurely damaging your machine.

Saving money
When components need to be replaced, new parts might cost more than the machine’s purchase price. Regular maintenance can reduce the chance of wear and tear, which can help to reduce additional costs.

A regular cleaning and maintenance schedule can reduce reactive breakdowns and, as a result, increase the life of your machine. This should eventually assist in cutting any extra costs.

In conclusion
Whether you are a professional, a coffee aficionado or an occasional coffee drinker, keeping your machine clean is essential. It will help your machine stay in good shape, avoid premature breakage, keep your coffee tasting delicious and will avoid bacteria and mild to proliferate. 

So grab a clean cloth and get cleaning!