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Cocktails And Catering Service
Cocktails And Catering Service


If your event doesn’t require our coffee services or is at the opposite time of day to offer a coffee bar or juice bar, then our fabulous cocktails and catering services are truly what you are looking for. Maybe even add some canapes for your guests to enjoy at your corporate ball, wedding celebration or the party you’re throwing just for being really awesome.

We offer a complete service providing the bar, bartenders, alcohol, glassware, branding, signage, balloons and Card readers. These can be supplied for PAYG and capped bar services, please contact us for more information on this service. We can also be responsible for setting up, packing down and we can offer our catering to really take things out of your hands from start to finish.
We have arranged for bands to perform at corporate Christmas parties, close up magicians at fun days and sent a marching band through an entire building in London, celebrating success.


Let us take care of your whole event from start to finish. It’s what we do best, take the pressure away from you and deliver a full customized package. Everything is prepaid so your guests won’t have to spend a penny on the night!


Your guests are charged for their drinks with an agreed minimum spend in place. Our drinks prices are competitive and we offer a full bar menu with craft beers on tap available at your request. We also offer custom cocktail choices to suit your theme, guests tastes and preferences!


We simply turn up and you point us in the right direction. We will then make your drinks and entertain the guests. This allows you to have full control and flexibility to provide your own drinks and ingredients.

We can help prepare a shopping list for you covering everything you need. Alcohol, ingredients, ice, glassware and more. You may have it all covered and will just want us to turn up, shake, pour, have fun, clear up and go home. Simple as that.


At Henry’s, we strive to offer our clients a package tailored to their needs. We are happy to accommodate all tastes and dietary requirements. So, let us know if you require a spread of delicious flaky pastries, street food, vegan or even fine dining.

We can recommend our specialist caterers who will take care of your specific requirements including menus, food, equipment and staff. All your catering needs down to the last tiny teaspoon.


We dont just make fabulous artisan coffee, we also prepare freshly pressed juices and smoothies using only the finest ingredients, equipment and suppliers.
WOW your guests with a serving of healthiness at your events, exhibitions, product launches and conferences with our delicious juices and smoothies served from our mobile coffee station.

We are ethically minded and only use plant based materials instead of nasty plastics. We also use paper straws that can be branded with a great message or your company logo.
So, if you would like to try something a little more refreshing and colourful than coffee, our juice and smoothie bar packages are sure to energise and refresh your visitors and guests.

Whether your attendees need a boost of energy or a shot of nutrition, our tasty smoothies and juices will keep them revived at all your events. We prepare our fruit filled smoothies and juices on site with fresh ingredients to provide a healthy and refreshing alternative or addition to coffee. Why not show your staff or stand visitors that you care about what they are consuming and have peace of mind that you have given the BEST.

Perfect for events including:
-private events
-corporate events

Our mobile juice bars will provide a healthy range of freshly prepared fruit juices and smoothies at your event. Choose from our menu loaded with essential vitamins and minerals to keep your team or guests happy and relaxed.

We offer a wide variety of smoothie options, all made using fresh fruit and quality products just a dash of juice for a delightfully refreshing hit. What’s more, we use frozen fruit and don’t add any ice, which means you get to benefit from the fullest, richest flavours.


Cocktails And Catering Service

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